Q: Where is Snack Pro Vending Located?

A: We are located in North Dallas in Texas. But we service through out the DFW metroplex.

Q: How does your vending machine service work?

A: Our service is 100% free, please use our contact us page to reach out to us about your business or locations needs. We move, place and service the machines with no cost to you.

Q: How reliable is your service?

A: We provide the best service in the dallas fort worth area. Not only do we respond to calls, texts or emails – but we are willing to work with you and your needs.

Q: What size businesses do you work with?

A: We work with small, medium and large businesses. We have a variety of machines to fit the needs of your location. Whether it be 20 employees or 200. 

Q: What information do you need for you to place a vending machine in our business?

A: We need a few things that give us a general idea of what can work for your business. Generally we start with number of employees because this gives us an idea of what machines can work for you, next would be dimensions for entry we could do this in person to get idea how how we can deliver and safely move a machine into the location. 

Q: Do you charge any money what so ever for the service?

A: Our service is 100% free. No hidden fees. We will never ask you for any money. Our services are free for business of all size around the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. 

Q: Do you offer Coke, Pepsi Soda Machines or Generic? 

A: We can place any machine that fits your needs. We have a warehouse full of machines to pick from or depending on the location can purchase one brand new for yours. 

Q: Our warehouse and or office has 250 employees, can you service this size business?

A: Yes, we service businesses of all sizes. Typically in this range of employees multiple machines are needed as well as weekly stocking which we can do for free and no cost to you. 

Q: What happens if our machines break?

A: If a machine gives you any trouble – jams, leaks, or stops working and is broken. Please contact our phone number above call or text and we can get someone out in 24-48 hours to service the machine at no cost. 

Q: What if someone losses money in the machine?

A: Call or text or phone number listed on the contact us page – the amount and the selection and we’ll get with you to refund or reimburse you as well as fix the problem. It could be a jam, or faulty equipment.

Q: Do we have to sign a contract with Snack Pro Vending to get started?

A: No we don’t require a signed contract, but we can provide one if you feel more comfortable and outline our services.

Q: How soon can you come out to our employee break room to see if we can get a machine? 

A: Typically just in 24-72 hours to schedule time and we can come take a look, measure all entries and exits to make sure we can fit and install them.

Q: Do you offer healthy snacks and drinks for the vending machines?

A: Yes, we can place and try out any snack requests that you have. We can even mix and machine snacks and drinks anything for our customers we are open to suggestions. 

Q: What type of snacks or drinks do you offer along side your vending service?

A: We offer a huge selection of snacks and drinks for any of our customers. If you have any special requests let us know, or we can provide a list of ones along with quantities we can fit in the machine to try out. We are always rotating and trying new products until we learn your employees and the locations needs.