Vending machine services for returning plano businesses

Just like everyone I am sure we are all eager to get back to some level of normal in the coming weeks. We are excited and ready to serve you, and your employees in your break room. As life goes back to normal your employees will be looking for something to keep them going. Our vending machine services are top rated – clean, safe and reliable. Here’s what you can expect from us as we all get back to work.

Reduces Employee Contact

Instead of leaving when they are thirsty, hungry or need coffee having your own vending machines in your break room is a great way to reduce the amount of contact your employees have with others in turn making it a tiny bit safe for everyone else.

Cleaning Equipment Every time We Stock a Machine

Every time we are out in the field stocking a machine snack or soda we clean and maintain the machines to CDC standards. We typically stock machines weekly so we spray down key pads, glass, and wear gloves when we stock to reduce as much human touch as possible.

No Hassle What So Ever

We believe that your Plano break room should be the least of your worries coming back from COVID-19. We use a mix of technology and good customer service to regularly monitor your stock in our machines so you never have interrupted use or drop in service. If you have any issues what so ever contact us so with in 24-48 hours we can have someone out to fix the problem. Don’t worry we’ll make sure all our machines and products are ready for us – always.

For more information about office coffee service, please contact Plano Vending Services at (972) 372-9853 or fill out a contact form HERE. We look forward to hearing from you.

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